Just look at me
And then you’ll see
How much you mean to me
I want only you

I dream that I could hold you now
I would do anything but I dunno how
I hope that you’ll be mine again
Bcz I wanna erase forever that pain.

I’ll Always Love You
Before I met you,
I was badly hurt from relationships that fell
I didn’t wanted an end,
I thought nothing could cure me,
My heart would never mend.
You walked into my problems
And made them go away,
I didn’t wanna be with you,
B’cz I thought you’d hurt me someday.
I gave you a chance to see if that was true,
But omething was different and you were
Something new.
Now, I know what your love is truly about,
Your sweet, honest, and loveable,
Something I can’t live without.
I hope that this love will last,
Because you know I’ll always love you,
I hope we’ll never part,
Because I know you love me too…

Dream Come True

Have you ever had a dream come true?
A dream that totally amazed even you.
I’ve had a dream most of my life,
In this dream I find a wonderful partner.
Helps me to become all I can be.
Sometimes I act so terribly sappy.
It always seems to make me happy.
she brightens my life more than the sun.
We laugh together and often have fun.
And during the times that I must cry,
He is always there to make my eyes dry.
In you my love, I have found all these things,
And if you will, please wear this ring.
And if you are nothing more than a dream,
I hope I never wake up.

I love you so much

When you find someone you love
It’s hard to tell them how you feel, but even
Harder to explain it’s real.
It hurts so much to hear that person say, Im
Wrong to feel this way!
What can I do? What can I say?
To make you understand how I feel about
You each and everyday!
Is it that my heart skips a beat everytime you
Pass or how the walls around the heart came
Down with just a glance.
I toss and turn all night in bed, thoughts of
You running through my head!
I don’t know what to say to prove that it’s
Words cant express the way I feel
Just hold my hand and look into my eyes
If you see tears falling to the floor then you
It’s meant to be, that I really do love you!

Your Name
I worte your name in the sky,
But the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
But the waves washed it away,
I wrote your name in my heart,
And forever it will stay.

This ring I present to you,
As a symbol of my commitment.
My commitment to you,
And to the promises I now make.

I promise that you will be my one and only,
The only one that I share my love with.

I promise I will always be true to you,
I won’t ever break your heart.

I promise to tret you like a prince,
Just the way you should be.

I promise to never hurt you,
Whether it be physically or emotionally.

I promise to lift you up,
At those times you are feeling down.

I promise to wipe your tears,
Whenever you need a good cry.

I promise to keep you smiling,
To show off that smile of yours.

Last of all, I promise to love you with all my
Until the end of time.

Living in our memory!
Sitting in my bedroom alone
Listening to songs we used to listen to.
Thinking back to when we met.
Thinking how much I really miss you.

Looking at our photo,
Tears fill my eyes.
Looking at how happy we were.
How I didn’t realize.

I miss everything.
From dancing, to fighting,
To you holding me close to your heart.
I miss our cuddles…
I try to forget but I cant.

5 years since we met.
Its gone so fast.
Yet it still feels like just yesterday,
Since we were living our perfect past.

You told me the past has gone,
And that we remain apart.
You also said you see me in your future,
And that I’ll always have your heart.

Those words I’ll never forget.
Because I believe every word.
I also believe in never-ending love,
And a love that is no longer heard.

So forever I’ll whisper.
l’ll whisper I love you.’
I hope you hear me calling,
Because you know my whispers true.


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